Rhythms of Earth and Air


Helen Ward : © Artist

This portrait of Jens was a joy to do mainly because he is such a lovely person and so interesting to get to know. His passion is the garden, and he grows most of what he eats, and with his produce he creates the most delicious dishes.

He worked in the theatre (hence the curtain) and he loves opera and music. The garlic on the cord (my reference to a Spanish still life by Cotán) is said to have healing properties. Here it also represents not only his love of growing and cooking vegetables, and obviously the cord of life, but also music as it creates a tension, a pendulum swinging in rhythm.  

The butterflies are another love of his, and these too have very special personal meanings for him. They also represent freedom.

The landscape behind is where he lives: we are not sure if it is real or part of the theatre scenery.